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Evidence Based Information


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Currently, we are leading national and international studies through the Royal College of Surgeons (England) aiming at answering many COVID19 related questions in trauma and Orthopaedics. As leading healthcare academics, we recognise the importance of evidence-based information, and as a patient, you want the information you receive about your health to be clinically accurate, up-to-date and written in a way you can understand. The Information and Knowledge Team here at TheArmDoc® receives numerous enquiries from members of the public and patients telling us about their health and care experiences, and some of these stories relate to the information they have been given as part of their treatment or about a condition. Evidence-based information is essential for improving patient experience, supporting self-management and enabling shared decision-making. Engaging patients and the public is a key priority at both national and local level throughout the global healthcare systems and it is a priority for us in TheArmDoc.


About Us

Professor M. A. Imam is fully trained in Trauma and Orthopaedic surgery. He provides expert treatment, both surgical and non-surgical, of all conditions of the shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand. He was awarded multiple distinctive international awards and travelling fellowships from the AAOS, AANA, ISAKOS, EFORT, AO and others. He has completed two Degree level theses including a PhD on the healing of rotator cuff tendons tears and successfully filed patents. 


Following the completion of specialist training, He undertook international and national upper limb fellowships at distinguished centres of excellence. These included embarking on specialist upper limb fellowships training at internationally recognised units: the Wrightington Upper Limb Unit, an Orthopaedic Centre of Excellence, the Royal Orthopaedic Hospital in Birmingham and an upper limb fellowship in the Rowley Bristow Orthopaedic Unit, Chertsey, Surrey where he currently works as a substantive consultant.  He also undertook another fellowship overseas with Professor Christian Gerber; the world-leading pioneer of modern shoulder surgery, at Der Balgrist University Orthopaedic Centre in Zurich, Switzerland.  He also undertook a complex trauma fellowship in John Radcliff hospital, the major trauma centre in Oxford and BGU Trauma centre in Ludwigshafen, Germany. He also undertook travelling fellowships to gain an up-to-date international experience in Mayo Clinic, The Steadman clinic (US Olympic team centre of excellence) and Stanford University in the USA. He also undertook multiple travelling fellowships in Europe; these include Madrid, Munich and Heidelberg. 


Professor M Imam is heavily involved in research, having published over 70 peer-reviewed publications in top international medical journals and written more than 12 textbook chapters on upper limb injuries. He is the chief investigator of more than one national and international studies. He has authored two reference books. His current research interests include novel materials, COVID19 infection and its relation to orthopaedic and trauma outcomes, Artificial intelligence in surgery, cartilage and tendon repair, bone marrow concentrate, optimising outcomes after total joint replacements, minimally invasive fracture fixation devices, arthroscopy outcomes, bone healing and techniques to aid rapid return to sport after injury.  He has designed orthopaedic instruments, designed and has published more than ten novel surgical techniques.

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Sports Medicine

New Evidence "Injury prevention programs are effective when used in adolescent team sports" 

Ten studies, including nine randomized controlled trials and one prospective cohort study, were included in this meta-analysis to investigate the efficacy of injury prevention programs in adolescent team sports. Pooled results demonstrated a significant injury rate reduction with the use of injury prevention programs versus control interventions overall. Subgroup differences were noted for the type of sport, in which basketball/handball experienced a greater injury rate reduction with injury prevention programs than in soccer, and type of program implemented. NonFIFA11+ programs experienced a larger injury reduction rate than FIFA11+ programs.

In the blog, you can read the most recent evidence in sports Medicine



An Accredited teaching Centre for the International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery, and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.  To Apply for a clinical visitation press here.


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"I had the privilege of meeting Prof Imam exactly a year ago when I had the misfortune to crash off my mountain bike! I smashed my clavicle into 3 piece, one part extruding our of my back. I also dislocated my shoulder joint but somehow had managed to out it back in and, by all miracles, not trap a nerve or blood vessel. I was operated on by Prof Imam who performed what |I can only describe as a layman, as a small miracle! Not only did he mange to reconstruct the clavicle secure a plate into place he managed reconstructed the area around the damaged shoulder joint. In Mr Imam's words he did 2/3 operations in one!! I returned to see him in outpatients a few weeks later and his delight at his work was plain to see! Since then I have enjoyed some fantastic care and treatment, not only by Mr Imam but also Andrew my physiotherapist. His encouragement and challenging programme of exercise paid dividends and within a couple of months I was able to get out on the golf course and swing a club again...albeit badly!! Over the past year I have gone from strength to strength and the treatment I have received has been second to none! I would like to thanks Mr Imam and Andrew for the great care and time they have taken over ensuring my full recovery. Than k you Guys! With kind regards and thanks"


I was referred by my surgeon to Mr Imam because I was told he is the expert in managing complicated upper limb pathologies. I am a physician myself and I couldn’t fault the service I had at all timepoints. He was very informative and spent a lot of time with me -in a very busy NHS clinic- and showed me illustrations of my surgical procedure with a lot of details. We spoke about clinical and non clinical aspects of the surgery Everything he mentioned before surgery, happened after surgery with the same timescale. My recovery was even quicker and I’m back -after four weeks- to full activity. I would like to thank him, his registrar, the anaesthetist, the nurses in theatres, admission and recovery and everyone involved. I think teams like this is what make the NHS great!! Thanks again all!

"Mr. Imam is an excellent clinician. He is very knowledgeable, confident and he is really competent in his job. What make him unique is his compassionate, friendly and yet professional attitude. He listened relentlessly to my complains and he respected all my symptoms and genuinely tried to interpret the reasons behind those symptoms in a simple and easy yet thorough way. He gave me detailed explanation of the possible outcomes of each treatment given and additionally he requested the relevant imaging needed for my case. Mr. Imam is a huge credit to the hospital and the NHS in general."



He listened to me even when I could not explain myself properly. Mr Imam explained what I had done, also what he had planned for my surgery. My after care was extremely good & I was told each step of the way.


"Excellent surgeon with great knowledge and cheerful attitude. Can’t recommend enough!!!"

" Excellent care throughout Jacquita kemp"


He listened to me even when I could not explain myself properly. Mo Imam explained what I had done, also what he had planned for my surgery. My after care was extremely good & I was told each step of the way.


"Excellent surgeon with great knowledge and cheerful attitude. Can’t recommend enough!!!"

" Excellent care throughout Jacquita kemp"



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Professor M Imam is recognised by all the major healthcare insurers, and is fee-assured with BUPA, Aviva, Healix, and Vitality Health.

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