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AAOS: Single- versus double-row rotator cuff repair: Optimal choice depends on tear size.

In our study @TheArmDoc, which we have presented our results in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Meeting in New Orleans. 80 patients with MRI-diagnosed full-thickness rotator cuff tears were randomized to undergo either single-row (SR) or transosseous-equivalent double-row (TEDR) arthroscopic rotator cuff repair, to compare these two treatment approaches with respect to clinical and functional outcomes at 18 months post-operation. Results indicated that, in tears that were less than 3 cm in length, Oxford Shoulder Scores (OSS), University of CA Los Angeles scores (UCLA), and Constant-Murley Outcome Scores (CMS) did not differ between groups. When tears were greater than 3 cm, tra

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