Health and well-being are increasingly seen as key features of what constitutes a successful society and a vibrant economy in the 21st century. However, although frequently referenced, global health is rarely defined. In our initiative, we are aiming to generate consistency in the surgical service provided to all human beings everywhere.

Globalisation in Surgery

In this study, we are comparing the currently available implants based on the published evidence. There are different forms of available implants with various philosophies. we have just published one of the biggest follow-ups published so far in shoulder replacements with a minimum of five years follow-up.

Shoulder Arthroplasty

Mr Imam is the principle investigator of the COVID19 Global Surgical Response (CGSR) trial; we also are leading  a group of scientist and physicians in two more studies. One looking at the use of Virtual clinics and artificial inteligince in orthopaedics and one looking at the hazards of operative interventions during the Pandemic.

COVID19 and Surgery

After publishing a study comparing two surgical options for recurrent shoulder instability in the American Journal of Sports Medicine, the top-ranked orthopaedic journal, now we are comparing all available surgical options for the management of this common problem. 

Shoulder Instability

We are currently finalising a study comparing different operative and Non-operative options for management of lateral epicondylitis of the elbow, also known as Tennis Elbow.

Lateral Epicondylitis Study

In multiple studies, we have published, we have looked at different aspects of hip fractures in the elderly. We are still analysing different aspects of managing this crucial medical emergency. 

Hip Fractures outcomes

We, among other collaborators, have established an international initiative to undertake global surveys. More

Global Surgical Surveys

Rotator cuff tears are a common problem. We have just published the results of our clinical trial comparing different repair techniques in the Journal of shoulder and elbow surgery. We are assessing the expectations of rotator cuff patients, different techniques and implants as well as the innovative techniques in managing this problem. 

Rotator cuff tears

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